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The Australian Whippet Club Show Abril 2012

Whippets in NSW 6th April 2012

Juez: ­ Mrs Elisabet Janzon (Sweden)


Baby Puppy Dog:

1 Alltalk A New Golden Dream
2 Arcon Imagine At Shawthing (Imp NZ)
3 Byerley Ralph Lauren 

Alltalk A New Golden Dream

Minor Puppy Dog:

1 Karnabay Alexander McQueen
2 Windyle Caravaggio
3 Daneson Artful Dodger

Karnabay Alexander MacQueen

Puppy Dog:

 1 Windyle Michelangelo
2 Karnabay Jimmy Choo
3 Taejaan Caught In Th Moment

Windyle Michelangelo

Junior Dog:

1 Byerley Gant
2 Acaiza Masterpiece
3 Isilwane On The Prowl 

Byerley Gant

Intermediate Dog:

1 Ch Elmaro Spare Me The Details
2 Ch Zatini Two Timin Lover
3 Taejaan Its Complicated 

CH. Elmaro Spare Me The Details

Australian Breed Dog:

1 Ch Byerley Diesel
2 Gr Ch Taejaan Caughin The Act
3 Illicium What A Show Off

CH. Byerley Diesel

Open Dog:

1 Twyborn Flam Beau (Imp Swd)
2 Calahorra The Sun Also Rises
3 Ch Mossbawnhill I Am Legend (Imp Ire) 

Twyborn Flam Beau

Veteran Dog:

1 Gr Ch Taejaan One Step Closer
2 Gr Ch Tezer Feel Free To Stare
3 Ch Mikshar Dreamworks

Gr. CH. Taejaan one Step Closer
RUBIS & Challenge Dog Ch Byerley Diesel
Reserve Challenge Dog Ch Elmaro Spare Me The Details


Baby Puppy Bitch:

1 Byerley Easton Pearson
2 Zatini Countess Of Carlisle
3 Piaffe Eye Of The Storm

Byerley Easton Pearson

Minor Puppy Bitch:

1 Windyle Cinnamon Sugar
2 Windyle Cinnamon Spice
3 Bellendene Carved In Stone 

Windyle Cinnamon Sugar

Puppy Bitch:

1 Windyle Cinnamon Swirl
2 Taejaan Butterfly Tattoo
3 Calahorra Hill Of Grace

Windyle Cinnamon Swirl

Junior Bitch:

1 Byerley Urbane
2 Shawthing One Dayata Time -
3 Meilandina Lady Gaga 

Byerley Urbane

Intermediate Bitch:

1 Ch Windyle Apple Cinnamon
2 Byerley Jenny Bannister
3 Illicium Im A Show Stopper

CH. Windyle Apple Cinnamon

Australian Bred Bitch:

1 Meilandina La De Da
2 Ch Martinique Silver Sonnet
3 Calahorra Salome 

Open Bitch:

1 Ch Byerley Alannah Hill
2 Ch & Eng Ch Spinneyhill Cinnamon At Hammonds (Imp UK)
3 Ch Calahorra Lightning Ridge

CH. Byerley Alannah Hill

Veteran Bitch:

1 Gr Ch & Am Ch Ridgesetter Fly The Flag ET SC
2 Ch Taejaan Am I Prettyenuff
3 Ch Isilwane Flag Bearer ET 

Gr & Am CH. Ridgesetter Fly The Flag ET SC

BIS & Challenge Bitch Meilandina La De Da
Reserve Challenge CH. Martinique Silver Sonnet

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